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 The Hinnom Valley And The Valley Of Jehoshaphat

            Jeremiah 7:31-32 – Joel 3: 1-2

The valleys in the city of Jerusalem today are the Hinnom Valley, the Tyropean Valley, and the Kidron Valley. These valleys are mentioned in the Word of God. Two of the valleys I want to look at are the Hinnom valley and the Valley of Jehoshaphat. These valleys in Jerusalem played a significant role in biblical times.

The Hinnom Valley is on the western side of the old city from the Temple Mount and the valley of Jehoshaphat is on the east side of the old city of the Temple Mount. In between both valleys are the Tyropean Valley or also known as the valley of the cheesemakers. It was where they bought and sold during the second Temple period.

The Valley of Hinnom went by two names in the Scriptures and these names are Tophet and Hinnom in Jeremiah 7:31-32 where the heinous child sacrifices took place.  Its name was changed to the Valley of Slaughter in Jeremiah 7:32 where they sacrificed their children to Molech and buried them in the valley until they ran out of burial space.

All three valleys are connected to form the 21st letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, Shin. It looks like the letter W in its paleo form and it represents the Name of God, "Shaddai". 1. God said in 2 Chronicles 6:6, I have chosen Jerusalem, that my Name be there forever. God placed His Name eternally in the city of the Great King, (Matt 5:35). 

 The valley of Jehoshaphat is also known as the Kidron Valley in the New Testament which separates the Mount of Olives to the east from the Temple Mount to the west. Jesus and His disciples frequently crossed the Kidron to either go to the Mount of Olives or the Temple Mount. David's rebellious son Absalom was killed in the Kidron valley and his traditional tomb is there today, 2 Samuel 18:18.

The Valley of Jehoshaphat should not be confused with the Jezreel Valley north of the state of Israel as you view it from Megiddo. The Jezreel Valley is where Armageddon takes place, Revelation 16:16. All nations will gather in the Jezreel Valley to prepare to make war against Him at His second coming to earth at the end of the 70th Week, or tribulation, (Rev 17:14).

 They march from the north to the south to Jerusalem where the battle will take place, the battle for Jerusalem where God will meet them head on defending His city, (Zech 14:2).

Time Magazine some time ago came out with an article, The Battle For Jerusalem. The world rejects Israel's claim to Jerusalem as its capitol. 

In the Hinnom valley, the Canaanites made their children pass through the fire. In Jesus' day it was a garbage refuge. In the future, Israel's enemies will try to make Israel pass through the fire. The enemies of the Jewish state will try to destroy the Jewish people by marching from Jezreel to Jerusalem to wipe out the Jews and take Jerusalem as their own.

 We read in Zechariah 1:14 God said, 'I am jealous for Jerusalem and Zion with great jealousy. In other words, in the Hebrew, 'I am aggressively possessive of Jerusalem".

 In Zechariah 1:15 God says, 'I am very sore displeased with the heathen….I was but a little displeased, and they helped forward the affliction. In other words, I was upset, but now they ticked me off!

United With Israel News reported, Visit a brand-new park in the Valley of Hinnom, outside of Jerusalem, and discover its historical roots in the Book of Joshua, which is where the concept of Hell originates. The neighborhood has been rehabilitated by the City of David organization, producing a lush environment where tourists can sample food, ancient bread, and olive oil created using ancient methods.

 Bible prophecy calls for all nations to invade the Kidron Valley and seek to eliminate the Jews and take Jerusalem. God will meet them head on destroying these nations.

We read in Joel 3: 1-2 that when the Jews are in the land the nations will seek to destroy the chosen people. God said He would gather all nations and bring them to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. In Joel 3:12-14 God will bring the heathen into the valley of Jehoshaphat to judge them. God will crush them like grapes in a winevat until the blood flows.

The Kidron valley is also called, the Valley of Decision where the final decision will come about and the nations destroyed when they attack Jerusalem.

 The stage is being set for this end-time scenario to be carried out as Israel's enemies are getting into position. close at hand